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Ora by Maharany is a worldwide venture, combining the skills and experience of some of the best in the world to form the team behind the Singapore brand.

Our philosophy can be best summarised by three primary distinguishing characteristics; simplicity, authenticity and integrity.


We believe that beauty does not have to mean complicated. At Ora By Maharany we believe you and your body deserve the best and some of the best things in life are simple in nature. Our meticulous creation process means we formulate each of our products with pure, recognizable ingredients that bring you closer to nature and all of the goodness it offers. We extract the best that nature has to offer, delivered to you in a personalised skincare system.


When it comes to our quality, we are genuinely committed to delivering only the best. Our artisanally crafted products are each batched by hand, delivering care and attention to detail into every product. We believe that your skincare is just as unique as the you, so all of our natural beauty products are 100% unique and developed just for you.


For quality you can trust, Ora delivers only the highest quality products all while following the best possible practices. When we say natural, we mean it! We do not take the ‘natural’ tag lightly and strive to ensure all of our ingredients are a pure as possible. All of our formulations are held to the highest ethical standards so to be in line with corporate sustainability. You can be rest assured you will only receive the highest quality as each product is tested by the development team to ensure our skincare products live up to your expectations.



Rossila has spent her live loving nature and building a relationship walking amongst the trees and loving the feeling of her toes in the grass. She believes in the beauty and grace of nature that is so easily converted into stunning skincare products.

“Nature has a way of bringing out the best in me as nothing else can. When I'm in nature, I feel vibrant. Happiness exudes from my body, and I am at complete peace,” explains Rossila.

Rossila believes that we are a part of nature and this holistic approach to health has led her into the natural skincare industry. When asked about just how natural the skincare is, Rossila confirms “We always have been and always will be.”

Despite all of the world’s technological advances, our relationship to nature is undeniable. Rossila believes that the way to better connect with nature is to nurture the relationship, allowing us to become more connected to who we are and the world around us.

There is no doubt that Rossila is passionate about combining her love for nature and skincare to create beautifully stunning results.

“Ora By Maharany is my heart and soul. It’s everything I love about nature perfectly packaged into formulations designed to benefit our bodies, minds, and souls. Via the natural ingredients, we use in all our products we are, in our own way, honouring nature and accepting the beautiful gifts it offers us”

3) Mission

 Unfortunately we live in a marketing society where ‘natural’ is slapped on just about everything. However, here at Ora we are unbelievably passionate about ensuring our natural products are as authentically natural as possible. We don’t believe in disturbing nature, and as such ensure each of the natural properties in our skincare are maintained to the highest standard.

It is important to realise that when we use plants to revitalize our skin, enhance our natural beauty, or heal an ailment, we give in to nature and allow Earth to work the way it was intended. And, although science has advanced the knowledge we have about nature and natural ingredients, nothing, not even science itself, can replace those ingredients.

There is no doubt that everything is inexplicably connected, including our relationship between nature and ourselves. Although we don’t play in the dirt as much as we did when we were kids, there is no denying the truly deep connection we feel with nature around us. The grounding properties found in nature cultivate a holistic lifestyle and bring these strong natural elements to your everyday skincare routine.

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