Why It’s Important To Use Natural And Organic Products On Your Skin

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If you deeply care for your health, there is no denying the importance of opting for an only natural and organic skincare routine.

We are going to be shedding some insight on why it is incredibly important to use only natural and organic products on your skin. We have a quick 5 reasons for why you should seriously consider swapping to only natural and organic skincare products.

1. Holistic Health
You take so much care and consideration into ensuring you look after your body, but what about your skin? You wouldn’t expect to feel vibrant and full of vitality if you ate McDonald’s all day – so why do you not treat your skin with the same consideration? If you put endless amounts of poor-quality ingredients on your skin, you can only expect poor results. The old saying is; if it is something you would not eat it, then do not put it on your skin. Our skin is incredibly absorbent and everything you apply externally, is soaked up internally – being transported into our blood stream and all throughout our bodies. I think we can all agree that it is not ideal to expose our insides to some of the incredibly harsh chemicals found in regular skincare, particularly those targeted towards acne prone skin such as salicylic acid. Opting for more natural alternatives can alleviate all of the potential problems associated with chemicals, and do an even better job than the chemical substance. For example, swapping to enzymatic peels derived from fruit are the perfect replacement for harsh chemical peels.

2. Better Results
By using plant-based skincare you are treating your skin to a much richer formula that will more effectively cater to your skincare woes. Chemical substitutes and synthetic ingredients can do more harm than good, and do not work with the natural rhythm of your skin like natural ingredients do. When it comes to creating natural and organic skincare, much more; time, attention and detail is put into the production process. This means that you are receiving a higher quality product because the level of attention to detail is so much higher. Production processes are also much more regulated and abide by higher standards of quality than that of regular skincare.

3. Nature is more advanced than science
It is important to realise that when we use plants to revitalize our skin, enhance our natural beauty, or heal an ailment, we give in to nature and allow Earth to work the way it was intended. And, although science has advanced the knowledge we have about nature and natural ingredients, nothing, not even science itself, can replace those ingredients. Living health and well is a lifestyle and everything you put into your body or onto your body impacts your level of health and vitality. If you are committed to a natural lifestyle, organic skincare is definitely something you need to also be on board with.

4. No Nasties
Regular skincare product can contain harsh chemicals that can cause disastrous results for sensitive or temperamental skin. The truth of the matter is that when dealing with lab created chemicals, regardless of your skin type, you may experience an allergic reaction. Natural and organic products are much more likely to work with your skin’s natural balance to restore harmony. While some natural ingredients can also cause reactions, this is exactly why we, Ora by Maharany conduct extensive allergic testing to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

5. Helping the environment
By going natural and organic with your skincare, you are helping preserve the environment. This is because all of the ingredients in the skincare are naturally grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. Due to this, not only do you limit the earth’s exposure to these ingredients but you also save your skin from such harsh chemicals. This way you can enjoy your beautiful skincare routine – guilt free because you know that you are contributing towards a better environment. Every small impact makes a difference, so choose to be kind and opt for naturally crafted skincare products.

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