Our Ingredients

Our choice of ingredient is simple and pure. We only use all-natural refining and cold process oils from plant origin that harvested by human labour. Ingredient transparency is our priority. Nothing synthetic, mysterious or unpronounceable. This is a feature of our product.



Our philosophy is to create range of body products that are known to be incredibly soothing that will turn everyday rituals into luxurious, healing experiences. We embrace holistic health, offering pathways to wellness that will balance your mind, body and spirit.

Ora by Maharany products are unique with premium quality and purity you can trust. We are proud to be a brand that formulated using the intelligence of nature that will restore your soul and revitalize your body using some of the world’s most amazing oils and ingredients. All our products are handmade by us, attentively and with love!

Raw Ingredients

All ingredients are sustainably sourced from the freshest organic ingredients the world has to offer. We only accept plant origin ingredients harvested by human labour. From the extra virgin olive oils cultivated and cold pressed in Australia and the fragrance infusing essential oils cultivated and distilled in Indonesia to the fresh citrus bergamot harvested and cold pressed in the farm country of France. Blended with intention and care, it is not only effective but brings both tangible physical benefits and lasting emotional balance.

Ora by Maharany products are always:

paraben-free | synthetic-free | gluten-free | preservative-free | additive-free

colorant-free | cruelty-free | stress-free


We are fascinated by essential oils and natural fragrances. They are unusual, expensive and often complex to master. Working with our expert manufacturer, we carefully chosen blends of essential oils for their beneficial effects on both our bodies and environment. Those natural scent from our products will soothe your mind, awaken your senses and revive your soul. We preserve the artisan art of NATURAL aroma in each of our products.