Our Story



At Ora By Maharany we believe you and your body deserve the best. To us, best means formulating products with pure, recognizable ingredients that bring you closer to nature and all of the goodness it offers.


Artisanally crafted and batched by hand, all of our natural beauty products are 100% unique and developed just for you.


When we say natural, we mean it. All of our formulations are held to the highest ethical standards and personally tested by the product development team to ensure they produce the results they promise.



Hello, Friends! I'm Rossila, and I'm proud to bring you Ora By Maharany!

All my life, I have loved everything about nature. Whether it's walking amongst the trees or feeling my toes in the grass, nature has a way of bringing out the best in me as nothing else can. When I'm in nature, I feel vibrant. Happiness exudes from my body, and I am at complete peace.

I believe we are a part of nature. We always have been and always will be. Despite all of the world’s technological advances, our relationship to nature is undeniable. When we nurture that relationship, we become more connected to who we are and the world around us.

Ora By Maharany is my heart and soul. It’s everything I love about nature perfectly packaged into formulations designed to benefit our bodies, minds, and souls. Via the natural ingredients, we use in all our products we are, in our own way, honoring nature and accepting the beautiful gifts it offers us.

When we use plants to revitalize our skin, enhance our natural beauty, or heal an ailment, we give in to nature and allow Earth to work the way it was intended. And, although science has advanced the knowledge we have about nature and natural ingredients, nothing, not even science itself, can replace those ingredients.

So, come along with me. Let the exotic fragrances and natural benefits of Ora By Maharany products transport you to a time and place where life moves slowly, and everything works in harmony. Let our quality, natural ingredients enhance your self-care by creating a whole-body experience that promotes health and wellness. Harvested by human hands and artisanally crafted, you won't find anything closer to nature than Ora By Maharany - Enjoy!


Meet Dr. Mike Thair

Dr. Mike is a veteran Australian scientist and beauty product formulation expert who has dedicated 40 years to learning and teaching about the environment. Over the course of his career, Dr. Mike has spent time with Australia's Department of Agriculture, studying environmental issues in the mining industry, and teaching science education at universities and technical schools across the country. Dr Mike has worked diligently to develop the most beneficial, natural beauty products on the market and is now excited to offer them to you in partnership with Ora By Maharany.

Our Process

Our team at Ora by Maharany and Dr Mike work closely during the processing of our product. He spent hours formulating each product to perfection. Once a product passes his rigorous testing, it is sent to us for final approval. Upon approval, the products go into a production process that is Halal Certified and operates under Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined by local authorities.

Why Ora by Maharany is Different

In all of the products he creates, Dr Mike intentionally chooses plant-based ingredients that work to heal, restore, and rejuvenate your body. Each one providing unique, aromatic qualities to enhance the user’s experience. All of our products are carefully and artisanally crafted to ensure no benefits are lost from harvest to bottle. Every ingredient is derived from whole plants and completely free of synthetic substances. Oils are cold-pressed, and plant extracts are naturally distilled. By choosing Ora by Maharany, you can self-assured that you are investing a product on your skin that is important to holistic health - supporting mind, body and spirit - and turning everyday rituals into luxurious, healing experiences.